Literacy Term Term 3, Week 9

Watch the short animated film ‘La Luna’ on the link below. In this animation, we cannot understand the words that the characters are saying to each other but we can use clues to guess what they might be saying.

After watching, answer the following questions in your workbook.

What relationship do you think the characters were to one another? How do you know?

What were the two adults trying to teach the boy? How do you know?

What did the two men argue about?

What did the characters think/feel about the big star that landed? What clues make you think that?

How did the characters feel about each other at the end? How do you know?

How are we able to understand the story when we can’t understand what the characters are saying?

Term 3 Week 3 News Update

Hi 3/4JP!

Miss Leckie is back on Monday and we wanted to share some exciting things coming up this term.



Get ready… Because starting Monday, your work will be scored!!!

The presentation of any work completed in your WORKBOOKS, WRITING BOOKS and RELIGION BOOKS will be scored out of 10.

To achieve a 10 out of 10, you MUST include:

  • the DATE on your piece of work
  • the TITLE on your piece of work
  • a RED MARGIN that has been ruled straight (Note: Margins are not necessary if you are pasting in an activity sheet.)
  • neatly pasted in Activity Sheet, if applicable
  • NEAT and LEGIBLE handwriting

When you earn three 10 out of 10s, you will receive your Pen Licence!
(Please note: Grade 3 students, you only receive your pen licence for a day, however you can do this over and over again!!!)



Mrs Palermo has been reading your Learning Log Reflections and there are some quality comments happening!  Well done!

Starting in Week 4, we’ll be awarding one person with the title of “Blogger of the Week”.

To be “Blogger of the Week”, you need to write a quality comment.  This includes:

  • A good amount of detail and information in your comment.  (One sentence is not enough!)
  • Correct use of CAPITAL LETTERS
  • Correct use of PUNCTUATION
  • Start with an appropriate greeting
  • Sign off with an appropriate closing
  • Correct spelling.
  • Check your comment.  Does it make sense?

The Blogger of the Week will win a prize.  Your choice of a prize from the Prize Box, a Voucher or No Scraps for a Week!


We’re looking forward to more great learning!

From Miss Leckie & Mrs Palermo

Sports Day 2017

This year’s COHR Sports Day will be held on Friday 11th August.

The day will differ slightly from previous years.  Along with track events, you will also have the opportunity to participate in field events too, like discus, shot put, long jump etc.

So that the day can be organised, please complete the following Google Form:


The form will ask you to CHOOSE e a maximum of 2 field events and 2 track events.


The 800m is an added extra if you decide to compete in it.


Happy Holidays!

Well done to 3/4JP on a fantastic and hardworking semester!
We hope that your holidays are full of rest, relaxation and fun.
During the holidays, remember to continue reading on a regular basis and practise your basic maths facts, particularly our multiplication facts!

To keep your mind active over the holidays or if you feel like some fun, mindful activities, then the following resources may be helpful:

Studyladder website


Blog Resources:


Maths Resources

Drawing Tutorials



We are so proud of all your achievements in Semester 1 and look forward to continuing our learning journeys together.
Stay safe over the holidays! See you in Semester 2!

Mrs Carey, Miss Leckie & Mrs Palermo

Public Speaking – Term 2 2017

This term, all the grade 3/4 classes have been focussing on developing our knowledge of Persuasive Writing as well as our Public Speaking skills.  During the last few weeks, we have spent time to write and prepare a persuasive piece for our Public Speaking.  Students chose from one of the following prompts:

  • Students should have to wear school uniforms.
  • People should be able to keep dangerous animals as pets.
  • Video games are good for kids.
  • Social media should be banned for children under 16.
  • All children should do a sport outside of school
  • Children should be able to choose what they eat without parent permission.

Last week, students presented their presentation to the class.  Each student is to be commended on their effort and preparation of their Public Speaking presentation. We hope to further develop our skills throughout the year.

Videos of the presentation can now be viewed on each child’s Learning Log page.

Each student’s Learning Log page is password protected to ensure that only our students and their families can view the videos.

If you have any technical difficulties, please do not hesitate to email Mrs Palermo.

Term 2 Week 11 Wellbeing Week Activity – Drawing Tutorials

During Wellbeing Week at COHR, we are taking some time to complete activities that will improve our wellbeing.
This includes the wellbeing of our mind, body and soul.

Drawing can be quite mindful and in fact, research finds that drawing can help to train our brain and improve our creative thinking.

During Wellbeing Week, we have allocated time to engage in some drawing.
You will be able to choose from the tutorials below to help you develop your drawing skills.
Remember to use headphones when listening to the tutorials. And use grey lead pencils when drawing.

Cartoon Flower Pot




Captain Underpants


Funny Taco

Pizza Steve

Greg Heffley

Bart Simpson

Richard Galbraith Cartoons

Term 2 Week 10 Inquiry Activity – Continent Expert Groups

This week, we are going to work together as a class to learn more about the 7 continents of the world.

In expert groups, you will be invited to investigate one continent in detail.

Each expert group will create a poster for our classroom.

Your teacher will provide you with various texts to help your research, however the following links may be helpful too:


Interactive Continents for Kids – Click and Learn about All Seven